“My lower back and hips were in pain for 4 years following an automobile accident. After Cymatherapy, walking is fun again.”
-Ki F.

“Linda Westman sensitively receives issues; she contours her knowledge to the problem as if she has the clay and the clients can mold the clay to suit their needs.”
-Robyne G

“Your work is amazing: intuitive, insightful, and knowledgeable. You go to so may different levels: chakras, organs, generational, life times; so comprehensive.”
-Kathy J.

Your assistance created a noticeable change in me. I’m singing with ease and freedom I haven’t felt before. I’m very grateful.”
-Michele R

“Amazing how you blend so many modalities. Partnering with the client you address emotional, spiritual, past lives or generational issues with muscle testing, massage, chiropractic and at least two sound therapies: your voice and Cymatherapy.”
-Stephanie S.

 “The audiologist was amazed when he saw the 30 decibel improvement in my hearing after a series of Cymatherapy sound sessions.”

“For two years I had pain in my ribs whenever I lifted heavy things. After Cymatherapy the pain was gone.”
-Ruth Ann F.

“My dentist verified that my tooth was more tight after Cyma 1000.”
-Robyn A.

“Dr Westman is so proficient and intuitive in what she does.”
-Terry DeCarlo

“It has been 6 months since my session for emphysema and my inhalers are expiring, I haven’t used them in 3 weeks!”
-Linda P.

“The double vision is gone after using the ‘weak eye’ setting.”
-Martha H.

“My jaw had been clicking for weeks. After Cymatherapy, the click was gone. “
-Paul F.