What is Cymatherapy?

Cymatherapy is a computerized form of combined sound and magnetic therapy applied directly to the body. It uses subtle audible sounds that simultaneously works on an energetic and physical level. Cymatherapy supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself by providing precise combinations of frequencies that are associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. Cymatherapy assists your body to provide itself with effective and gentle relief for stress, injury, chronic pain and many other conditions. This therapy is also highly effective when combined with many of the other available therapies offered by Natural Holistics, such as massage, chiropractic or nutritional medicine.


“Cells that have been physical, mental or chemical stress…[have an] abnormal frequency reflecting a state of energetic imbalance in the body.”
-Richard Gerber, MD “Vibrational Medicine”


The Science of Sound Healing- Mandara Cromwell INACS & IONS-Austin


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