Why Do People Think the Mind Body Connection to Healing is a Good Idea?

You may have heard that emotions can effect how you feel. Stress is linked to the highest causes of death in the US. You have also probably heard of the expression “mind over matter” but how can we do this?

How can we control or reduce stress?

One way to shift into contentment from undesired thoughts and emotions is a breathing exercise I learned from Jeff Primack. Take 9 deep, quick breaths. Slow down on the 8th and hold on the 9th, tucking the chin.

The quiet breath provides space to think of what we DO want.

We can imagine, and feel the joy, of having our desires. Practice this breath until it becomes a habit. You may see more “Miracles”. “Miracles” are the result of learning how “The Great All” operates.

A good place to practice is waiting in line or in traffic. The material world changes when we learn to use the power of our own thoughts and feelings. It helps to love ourselves and know that we deserve to have what we want. The Body-Mind may believe that it isn’t possible or we don’t deserve to have what we desire due to past experience.

The Body-Mind’s connection to Spirit is illustrated by Michelle who came to me for pain from the stress of saying good-bye to parent in the hospital.

Two years before she had been in a bad accident and was close to leaving herself. She was pushed into oncoming traffic while riding her motorcycle. Bones broken and organs burst, the pain was unbearable.

Michelle left her body. Out of her body, she was told that it was not her time to leave. The messenger was a tall African-American. Returning to her body, the pain was so great that she popped out again. This time the fellow told her that her children needed her, she must go back. She did.

A year later she heard a familiar voice while watching a TV documentary. Her husband exclaimed, “Michelle, you’re as white as a China doll!” She had recognized the voice of a man describing an accident where his car left the California coastal highway. He had been under water for 45 minutes on the same date and time (a 3 hour difference) as her accident on the East Coast. He was describing a short-haired, olive-skinned lady. (Michelle is Italian.) The documentary then showed a tall African-American.

If the gentleman had become conscious while underwater, he would have drowned. Maybe he was enlisted to help Michelle so he could complete his own life commitments.

Michele’s experience taught me about our spiritual bodies. I felt a sense of the oneness of angels and human spirit.

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