Clearing the Underlining Cause of Pain

belly-black-and-white-body-42069How do you take charge of your life?

Pam called to make an appointment with me for healing back pain. She didn’t come to me for her weight issue.

I always ask people on the phone “If there was a magic wand and you could have anything you wanted what would it be?”.

I ask them to look at their relationships, health, carrier,  hobbies, and passions and make a list. I ask them what would make them happy and what makes their life uncomfortable.

“I eat well and I don’t even eat much!” exclaimed the overweight lady, who asked for help with low back pain.

I’ll call her Pam. Her emotional response alerted me to search for more information. Spirit speaks to us through the emotions in our bodies. Pam’s spirit evidently had something to share.  I asked her body, using kinesiology (muscle testing), “When was the first time you made a decision about your weight, was it after birth?”

Her arm muscle indicated “no”.

“Before birth?”        “Yes”

“First trimester?” “No”

“Second trimester?” “No”

“Third trimester?”“Yes”

“7th month?”              “Yes”

Pam did not know any details about her mother’s pregnancy. I asked if her mother had weight issues. She angrily replied, “No!” Her mother had always been slim. Pam’s emotional response clued me that her Spirit was communicating again. I surmised that as a young woman, her mother was so aware of maintaining a slim figure that she had developed a knee-jerk habit of eating less upon seeing her belly swell. Babies begin to gain weight around the 7th month.

On examination, her doctor, may have advised Pam’s mother, “You have GOT to gain weight!” Who knows how he stated it. But the Body-Mind of the baby apparently got a message, something like, “I have to gain weight or I will die!” Bringing the old Body-Mind belief into present time with compassion and understanding, the old inaccurate belief was cleared. Pam’s body felt the release. A limiting belief had been cleared along with a strong dislike of her body.

Subtle and powerful Bach Flower Remedies can assist in shifting old emotional patterns which prevent love for self. Pets respond very well to Rescue Remedy, a combination of several of the Remedies. It may be good to keep in the car for traffic issues.  Choose a Remedy according to the current emotional situation or pattern. The originating historic source is not needed to remove old blocks formore joy and self-love

The electromagnetic field of the heart is 60 times that of the brain!
A strong electromagnetic field makes us resistant to disease. Therapists, counselors, and friends can be very helpful in clearing blocks to loving ourselves and others, thereby supporting our body’s health.

Choosing to feel content is a powerful way to support the heart and strengthen our electromagnetic fields. A feeling of contentment supports our bodies, minds and spirits. Contentment comes from listening to our inner most truth, walking the path of our own hearts.

Do what makes your heart sing.

My 92 year old aunt said it another way, “Find what you love to do and do a lot of it.”

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